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SPORTING CLAYS COURSES // Call today to shoot: 507-665-3796
The Caribou Gun Club has 4 main Clays Course areas on its property, to assure the serious Clays Competitor that the Caribou is a World Class sporting destination.  Randy has developed Clays Courses, spread over 500 acres, that just do not exist anywhere else.  In addition to the 4 main course areas, another 300 acres of Caribou property will be utilized for the 2015 World FITASC, to showcase the diversity and variable terrain the Caribou Gun Club has to offer.

For 2016, the “South Course” will be used for the Sporting Clays league and daily shooting, which is open to the public.
(The remaining course areas are only utilized during Sporting Clays & FITASC events and are NOT kept open year round.)

The Caribou Gun Club also has a “Training Course” set up for the serious competitor, to shoot infinite shot presentations.

Call the Caribou Pro Shop today, to reserve time to shoot at one of the World’s Premiere Sporting Clays destinations!http://www.worldfitasc.comshapeimage_4_link_0
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